Thursday, September 04, 2003

zero tolerance

When it comes to schools, when it comes to justice, zero tolerance is an inhumane doctrine that deserves to be cast aside like thumbscrews, and the iron maiden.

If a school administrator, or a judge cannot recognise that every individual is unique, and that every circumstance requires its own weighing of circumstances, then that adminstrator or judge needs to step down and allow themselves to be replaced by someone who still retains a shred of humanity. See Wired's recent article: Wired News: Teen's Felony Case Thrown Out.
A case study in the design of a web site -- a very nice perspective from fivesevensix || Traffic Zoology
It's not just a giant 108 square mile game that has Giant game pieces begin their march through Twin Cities. but it also has an interactive aspect available on their website at:
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This one raises my skepticism hackles -- Wired News: ID Theft Battle Intensifies.
The French take a stand against copy protected CDs Merci!
This is why I love the web. Neu-York © 2000 Melissa Gould (Loading slowly)
Massively humongous cumulus; just how much does a Hurricane Weigh?
A novel approach to trying to get more sales -- Universal Music Group Reduces CD Prices. I hope that they give the folks who thought of this one a raise.
Hitachi develops RFID chip for bank notes, documents
E-Transaction Law Resources -- Legislation, Regulations and Policy -- By U.S. State
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