Friday, October 24, 2003

Witch wins government grant Of course, this award was contingent upon her not trying spells that might hurt anyone.
Check what pop-upped in federal bankruptcy court: X10 files for Chapter 11
Who says that the federal government doesn't have a sense of humor? Their move to uncover illegal immigrants working at Wal-Marts was code-named Operation Rollback. They did discover 250 in 61 stores in 21 states.
Douglas Bowman presents some fancy looking navigation using text and CSS: Sliding Doors of CSS

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Why personalization hasn't worked
I 've been overhearing a lot of people saying how much they hate our government. You know, it's easy to do when you read an article like this one: Student charged in airline box cutter scare and realize that the ineptitude of the security forces is being covered up by a serious effort to prosecute the student involved as if he were a criminal.

The real question isn't whether you prosecute this young man for a lack of judgment. It's why did it take more than a month to discover the items palnted aboard planes, and would they have evedr been discovered if he hadn't called attention to them.
Art from 200,000 years ago, by another species of humanity? Ancient carved 'faces' found
I'm not sure of the merits of this announcement, but it seems that a new method of generating electricity has been discovered: Water sparks new power source