Wednesday, May 07, 2003

One of the promises that I made myself when I restarted this blog was that I was going to allow my words to fill the screen. I was going to become expansive. Self-imposed limitations and attempts to censor and edit as I went wouldn't prevent me from indulging in stream of conciousness type posts.

So far so good. It's not easy to write something everyday. It's not easy to let go of expectations that are extremely high. My best writing comes with pages and pages of filled sheets of legal pads condensed down to a fraction of their original size. I'm used to throwing out twenty words to keep one good one.

That can be a bit wasteful, and time consuming, but I've always been pleased by the results. But it doesn't hurt to strive and try, and see if you can get better, and I'm using this blog as the vehicle by which I will arrive at a more economical use of words.
Big companies win by sucking less than other big companies

- Paul Graham, Hackers and Painters

Exactly what goes into the process of creativity? Make sure that you read Paul Graham's article. Graham takes his experiences as the maker of beautiful software, and puts them side-by-side with his attempts to make wonderful pictures.

As someone else who also refused to hold his pencil the way that they showed him in elementary school, I say bravo!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Some fast takes, just because I want to mix things up:

If I were a gambling man, I don't think I could lose eight million dollars in ten years.

The baby picture project is a sterling example of the best of the web. And there's nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and I'm not being treated like a consumer when I visit.

Sometimes, even Mark Pilgrim won't help you. It's for your own good. Swear to God. The lists he mentions are excellent ones, by the way.

Somethings are enough to make you lose your temper, even after fifty years. The McCarthy Hearings easily fall into that category.

And, yes, I'm fully in the camp of those who believe that Cinco de Mayo should be a national holiday in the United States.

I've drifted completely away from the niche I set up for this site. Feels good. Have to do it with frequent impunity. Bye for now.
Ever wrestle and struggle with writing the Terms of Service of a website? It's an interesting exercise, and I'm not certain that I would recommend it for the faint of heart.

Some preferable endeavors: Jump from a bridge attached by a bungee cord. Launch yourself out of an airplane and glide to the ground with a patch of silk and strings. Ride a wild bronco at the rodeo. I'd write more, but I suspect you get my drift.

To some degree, you're either reiterating, or describing for the first time, the business objectives of an organization, and the anticipated interaction between site visitor and site owner.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Wow! Looking at the published entry, it just struck me now how long it's been since I made an update. Amazing that time could pass so quickly. Hibernation time is over.
I seem to have fallen off the face of the planet. It's what happens when you wander too close to the edge. I like the idea of this blog too much to give up upon it, so I will be resuming regularly scheduled updates. Even if they aren't the fully formed entries that I would like them to be. Sort of like this one.