Monday, July 19, 2004

Brand (new) Experiences

Inspired by Dirk Knemeyer's article at Digital Web Magazine - Brand Experience and the Web, I started a thread on the topic of how one could use interactivity online to help build a brand.

I titled the thread How Much Would You Pay for a Cup of Coffee. I got some great answers, including one dealing with the difference between building a branding, and postioning oneself within a niche. There were also some nice links to online applications that help to provide interesting and useful ways to experience different products online in a way that is helpful to a potential customer.

I've been thinking about some responses to the thread. I'm torn between discussing the topic here, and posting responses there. If I write some words over at the forum, I stand a better chance of getting some great responses. If I post over here, I add some volume and mass and content to this often neglected blog.

It's a tough choice, and the blog often loses out to the forum. I really need to dedicate a little more effort in building a brand over here.

In case this post does spawn some discussion, I'll throw out the following question: What are some of the ways that you've seen people attempt to build brand through online activities?

Did You See Seashells at the Seashore?

My friend and usabilty consultant extraordinaire, Kim Krause, spent a week at the beach disconnected from the world (wide web, that is).

She writes about it in There Were No Search Engines At The Seashore. I think I have to give that a shot, and see how it goes.