Saturday, March 27, 2004

Things they never taught me

Why is it that lessons learned the hard way are often the ones that stay with us the longest? It's so much easier learning from the mistakes of another. Things such as "never start your business two weeks after the Yellow pages ads need to be submitted when your business relies upon that advertsing as a primary way of gaining new customers."

This list is priceless: Michael McDonough's Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School. It's scope goes way beyond designing.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Techno Lawyers need Apply

I've been wondering lately if lawyers are going to soon outnumber software engineers at Microsoft.

With 600 attorneys working in the legal department, and at least 3 dozen current law suits pending, they're a mighty litigating group.

Meanwhile, I purchased a monitor at a corporate surplus sale on Tuesday for $10.00. It was the last piece I needed for a linux server system that I'll be setting up (for my own personal use) at home, to help me figure out if I like Linux. I don't know if I'll need much of a legal background to run it correctly.