Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Cerf: ICANN finally working on 'substantive issues'
"About Us" -- Presenting Information About an Organization on Its Website (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) - Adults are stealing Halloween - Oct. 27, 2003
Amazon Re-Ranks Intellectuals - Fun and games with its new text-search feature. By Timothy Noah
Caxton's Chaucer - view the original Canterbury Tales
Blizzard Entertainment: Technical Support Site
Wired News: New Ways to Skirt DMCA Legally!
Scientific American: Green Tea and Ginger Show New Cancer-Combating Abilities
US Patent Office '906 Letter
World Wide Web Consortium Presents the US Patent Office with Evidence Invalidating Eolas Patent
BBC NEWS | Technology | New Windows virus hits computers
U.S. Copyright Office, Anticircumvention Rulemaking
Publishers Weekly - The Amazoning of Google? Search Firm Looks for Book Content

Monday, October 27, 2003

I'm not sure that it's really necessary to critcize or parody the Fox News Network. They do a good job of making themselves look ridiculous: Fox News Threatened to Sue The Simpsons