Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Talking Macs

It's great to hear that Apple computers will soon start shipping with speech technology integrated into their operating systems. See: Macs get their voices back

Disposible Cars

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that new cars are getting too expensive to fix. As I look at prices and features, I'm wondering how well a retro car would do on the market.

You know, one that has windows you roll down, and steering that requires hand-over-hand turning, where the air conditioner is rolling down both windows and driving fast (known as twin-fifties in some neighborhoods).

I guess that there are quite a few retro cars on used car lots, and in junk yards across this nation. But I mean a new car, where simplicity of design is as important as value, where the cost of maintenance is considered by the engineers who design it.

Maybe we need that type of attitude to extend to more than just cars.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sometimes you just have to let kids play

As I suspected, wasting away hours in front of a computer playing games wasn't the unproductive time I thought it was. That time may have done more to provide life skills to me than I ever imagined.

I also suspect that we can make school a whole lot more fun, too. If only we tried.

A prescription for subscription sites

I know there are some successful subscription sites out there. The Wall Street Journal seems to be doing OK. I have some friends who play online games on a subscription basis.

I recently tried out GuruNet. and their free trial subscription. Nice service. Would I subscribe? I'm not sure.

Marketing Sherpa takes a look a the business practices of subscription sites on the web. They have some suggestions that might help that type of site succeed.