Sunday, October 23, 2005

Are accessibility guidelines enough when designing web sites?

The IBM Systems Journal takes a look at the problems with usability and accessibility guidelines, and the limitations of those guidelines when it comes to designing web sites.

It's a long, and thoughtful discussion on the topic, and worth reading by anyone who designs sites.

See: IBM SJ 44-3 | Are guidelines enough? An introduction to designing Web sites accessible to older people.

Analyze This Business

A nice look at business analytics in an editorial from CIO magazine, Analyze This, doesn't tell you how to perform analytics for your company. Instead it describes when and where an analytic approach might be helpful. Something to think about.

Findability and design

There's an excert to Peter Morville's book Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks over at A List Apart that's worth a visit. It's nice to see someone with a prominent place in the usability and information architecture field taking a look at how web sites are found by people on the web.

As a bonus, there's a link at the bottom of the article to the first chapter in the book. Looks like a good one.