Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Some fast takes, just because I want to mix things up:

If I were a gambling man, I don't think I could lose eight million dollars in ten years.

The baby picture project is a sterling example of the best of the web. And there's nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and I'm not being treated like a consumer when I visit.

Sometimes, even Mark Pilgrim won't help you. It's for your own good. Swear to God. The lists he mentions are excellent ones, by the way.

Somethings are enough to make you lose your temper, even after fifty years. The McCarthy Hearings easily fall into that category.

And, yes, I'm fully in the camp of those who believe that Cinco de Mayo should be a national holiday in the United States.

I've drifted completely away from the niche I set up for this site. Feels good. Have to do it with frequent impunity. Bye for now.