Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Do What You Love

It's funny sometimes when people ask you what they should do with their lives, and they act surprised when the answer to that question is "what do you love to do"?

You can't always create a vocation out of your favorite pursuit, but it really doesn't hurt to look at the possibility seriously.

Yes, there are people who make a living play-testing video games. And folks who earn a paycheck while training dolphins and killer whales. Drawing or painting, or designing a web page can be a for-profit project. Making movies, writing books, racing cars, playing sports all are someone's job.

If you could do what you love and get paid for it, what would you be doing? And if you aren't doing it, why not?


Phin Samuels said...

Thanks I needed to hear that. I have heard a lot of love what you do. It probably a lot easier to do what you love.

William Slawski said...

Hi Phinehas,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I've had more than a couple of jobs. Some I've loved, and some I've hated.

It makes work a lot easier if the thought of it brings a smile to your face, and makes you excited.

I opened my eyes early this last Sunday morning and went from dreaming to wakefulness while composing the first couple of paragraphs for a newsletter article I wanted to write.

That's one of those tasks that I really love doing. If I had awoken for almost any other reason, I would have turned over and gone back to sleep. Instead, I got up and wrote some of those words down. A great way to start the day.