Monday, September 06, 2004

blogging businesses

Why should your business have a blog?

I was hard pressed to come up with any better reasons than the ones listed in Lip-Sticking: 5 Reasons Jane Thinks Every Small Business Should Blog. If you have a business, and you don't have a blog, I'd recommend that you pay her site a visit.

As Yvonne Divita states, it's about improving communication with your customers. A blog can be very easy to set up, and if you like writing, can be a great way to get online quickly and easily.

I'll add to her other points that it can be fairly inexpensive to set up a blog.


Mark Anderson said...

I totally agree! Not only has blogging helped beef up the content on my site, but I've actually gotten some business off of it too!

To paraphrase a friend of mine - LTB! (Love the blog!)


William Slawski said...

Great cartoons, Mark.

I haven't been keeping up here as much as I should, and I think that makes a difference. But it's great to have people drop on by. Thanks for leaving a comment.