Sunday, October 16, 2005

IM Merger between Yahoo! and MSN a Great Idea

It doesn't sound like the IM programs that Yahoo! and MSN provide will look any different in the near future. But they will change.

An announcement from both companies tells us that Microsoft and Yahoo will link IM networks.

I use IM everyday at work. It's a useful way to communicate some ideas quickly, and a great way to share URLs with others. It's not the perfect communication tool, but it has its moments.

This "merger" will mean that people on the IM clients from Yahoo! and from MSN will be able to see and interact with each other.

I use the Yahoo! IM program at work, and communicate with some folks on the MSN network at home. The linking of the two networks makes life a little easier.


Anonymous said...

If you use Trillian, you can use all of your IM programs at the same time.

William Slawski said...

I agree with you. I started using Trillian at home a couple of weeks ago, because the Yahoo! IM client was cutting out on me. :)