Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wherein Happiness?

I wrote the following words in this blog almost six years ago in my first post here. It's hard to believe that much time has gone past.

Personal achievement, success, and growth are all relative terms. There will likely always be ones richer than you. Many will possess more power and hold more sway in the community. Happiness comes from doing the best that you can, and from being able to provide for, and hold close those whose friendship and love you value.

I've seen successes and failures during that time, both personally and professionally. I think it's good to look back, and to consider carefully the choices you've made, to learn from them and to grow.

Sometimes finding happiness means making some difficult choices. Sometimes you may make the wrong choice. Recognizing that you have is part of growth, too.

So what do you do once that happens?


Stephen Pitts said...

I think that the important point here is that you keep going and growing.

Just like any natural being, growth is what is important to life. When we stop growing, from life's lessons or other reasons, we start dying.

I don't think that we should ever stop learning, living and growing...

William Slawski said...

Hi Stephen,

I think you're right - learning is something that we should never forget to do.

It was fun looking at some of the older posts here, and they had me feeling pretty introspective when I wrote this post.

Thank you.