Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Blog in the China Shop?

Somehow I missed the long, four part paper Blogging the Market, published last January on Internet Changes Everything.

I've only had a chance to skim through the four pages of the article, but it seemed filled with some interesting ideas, and worth sharing. And so I have.

Here's a small peek at the abstract that kicks the whole thing off:
Within the boundaries of the firm though, the implementation of weblogs takes a whole new dimension to realising that weblogs are more than the sum of its parts: more than vibrant public forums and frequently updated streams-of-consciousness, alternative forms of publishing and online outbursts of gonzo journalism, and personal diaries. They are the embodiment of online self-organising social systems, are essentially characterised by management decentralisation and ultimately threaten to destabilise current organisational structures and re-invent the scope of management.

It's long. I saw pieces of prose that I think I agree with, and parts of arguments that I wasn't so sure about. But it looks like it might be worth scribbing some notes on as I work through. Maybe more on this one when I have a couple of hours to spend on it.

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