Thursday, October 07, 2004

Questions and Answers with Lip-Sticking's Yvonne Divita

I recently had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Yvonne Divita as part of her Smart Man Online series. The exchange was published today.

She asked some pretty insightful questions, and made me work hard to come up with some answers that would live up to the standards of her daily posts. The topics included online credibility, usability, blogging tools, online shopping, taglines, and privacy policies.

I really enjoy the perspective she brings to topics, and spending some time at her Lip Sticking makes me think about business, and marketing, in ways that I otherwise might not have.

As Yvonne often says at the end of her posts, "What's not to like about that?"


Wayne Hurlbert said...

Hey Bill. You had a tremendous interview with Yvonne at Lip-sticking. I have always thought you were a "Smart Man". The interview simply confirmed what we already knew.

Way to go Bill.

Yvonne found a most deserving interview candidate when you made her list.


William Slawski said...

Hi Wayne,

When Yvonne approached me about the interview, I checked back through some of her past Smart Man online posts, to see what the interviews were like.

I noticed that she had the chance to interview you, which made me feel that I was in some pretty good company.

Thanks for your kind words.