Thursday, September 08, 2005

More search and technology related patent applications

Some technology and search related patent applications from this week and last week:

Lateral search

John Thrall, head of multi-media search engineering at Yahoo, is one of the inventors of this patent application, which melds together general searches with personalized information to enable vertical searches in limited areas, rather than on the whole world wide web.

Method and system for generating recommendations

Another Yahoo! assigned patent application, this one points to the use of collaborative filtering to enable recommendations to be made on products and services from multiple domains, instead of just one site.

Graphical user interface for browsing, searching and presenting media items

This Apple assigned invention describes a graphical user interface for reviewing, browsing, previewing and/or purchasing media items. It describes some digital rights constraints involving encryption and limited usage rights that could be placed upon the music or video purchased and downloaded.

Decision-theoretic web-crawling and predicting web-page change

Microsoft's Chris Meek and Carl Kadie take a detailed look at the way a search engine spiders sites, to send information back to a search engine index. This patent adds the concept of using historical data and predictive assessments of when a page might change in order to decide which pages should be viewed and spidered by the search engine's crawler, and how frequently.

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