Saturday, January 08, 2005

Selling Your Boss

Ever had one of those eureka moments, where all of the planets align, you can tell north from south absolutely without a compass, the stock market and racing track and health insurance forms all make complete sense, and Einstein's General theory of Relativity falls into place?

Or at least a new business idea makes such perfect sense to you that you wonder why you haven't been doing it all along. But you then face having to sell your company, or at least your boss on the idea.

I've been there, and it can be a tricky business.

Michael Hyatt, at Working Smart has a great set of guidelines on how to try to do just that. It's nice to see a well defined strategy for communicating new ideas like the one put together under the title: How to Sell Your Boss.


livingthedream said...

Eureka moments, that made me smile as it made me remember a story. I know a lady who every Christmas used to bring 'orgasmic chocolate chip cookies' to the office and they were good. From that I co-opted her term and have since called those eureka moments ... moments of 'orgasmic genius'. I have found that the term increases the impact and really gets to the heart of the point. livingthedream

Dana said...

These are great concepts for selling weblogs internally as well. We're using this advice, to some degree, in the American Marketing Assn. seminar on weblogs. The newest things on the block are sometimes the hardest sell.

William Slawski said...


I can see how that advice might translate well into convincing others to try out a process like blogging. Nice idea.


It's amazing how a couple of words can make a such a big impact. I like the term 'orgasmic genius'.